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This site has the objective of publishing information about the most recent graduation researches as well as high-level researcher's works in the areas of philosophy of psychoanalysis, philosophy of psychiatry, and philosophy of psychology done in Brazil.

The user can find here piece of information about recently published books, selected philosophical texts in the area, the events, congresses or workshops sponsored by the Work Group of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis from the Anpof (National Association of Graduation in Philosophy) in all over Brazil, as well as an archive of Lacan's original texts. From now on our visitors can also have access to an online specialized journal, AdVerbum - Journal of Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry, and Psychology.

Feel free to send your own contributions to our site: news from events in your country, book reviews or some text you want to be published in this site. Just click the link "contact" in the left side.

João José R. L. Almeida (PhD - Unesp)
Éder Soares Santos (PhD - UEL)
Contact: through the link in the left side of this webpage.



Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Psychology.
(Abstracts in English).

University of São Carlos,
(State of São Paulo, Brazil)
24 to 28 September, 2007.