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Call for Papers

Call for papers for the II International Congress of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.
(1) Papers may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. The accepted papers will be orally presented in twenty minutes, leaving ten minutes for debate.
(2) Papers of professors, researchers and graduate students (masters, PhD) who carry out studies on the links between philosophy and psychoanalysis (or psychology or psychiatry) can be accepted.
(3) The abstract should be between 150 and 500 words and furnished as a Microsoft Word document
(4) The abstract should contain up to six key-words.
(5) Please send a brief résumé (see on-line form).
(6) If you submit an abstract and do not receive and acknowledgement within a week, please resend the abstract or ask for further information at
(7) The final date for sending abstracts is July 31st, the list of accepted papers will be available before August 31st.
(8) If you wish to participate of the event without presenting a paper, please send an e-mail before September 15th to with the subject "solicitação de inscrição no II CIFP", and your personal data (name, business address, telephone and institution).
(9) The number of participants is limited.
(10) Certificates will be granted for those who are present at the 75% of the activities.

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